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What is MyHSFC

This is a gateway to our Campus web based service within the college and acts as a single point of access to web apps.   This means instead of having a separate sets of credentials (username and password) and log in to each of the applications you use, (Exchange, Moodle, etc.), you can now access your applications with a single click, via your myCampus username and password. You must remember to always log out of MyHSFC and ensure to close all copies of our browser to maintain security.

MyHSFC also supports communities which is a method of collaborating with other users. You can request to join online communities and it is a great way to communicate.

Getting Started

The first time you logon, you are redirected to a workflow community where you are required to set up your security questions. These are then used as credentials when resetting your password. It is essential that these are completed in order to use the Password Management system. This will be automatic when you log on for the very first time.
Setting Security Questions
  • Input answers to the set questions displayed. These are hidden, tick the box to check response  
  • Click on SAVE when complete

Update Password Questions


Update Questions

Please input some answers that can be used to verify your identity in case you forget your password. The answers should be both, easy to remember and difficult to guess. They also need to be 6 or more characters in length


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Click on this HSFC logo on the Header section as shown in this screenshot below. This will take you to your HSFC Home page.

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